Courthouse closed Monday, Feb. 18 for Presidents Day
A cyberattack to the Harvey County computer network has hindered our services this week. We are working diligently to restore our network, but we want to share as much information as we can. We hope we can answer some of your questions with the information below. This remains a criminal investigation, so not all information can be shared, but we will share what we can.

Is my personal information safe?

We believe that it is. That is our top priority throughout this process. However, this is a good reminder that everyone should routinely check in on their personal data to make sure it is safe.

Did this impact any other government organizations or business partners?

No. It is our understanding that this only impacted Harvey County’s computer network.

When did this happen?

We discovered the network outage when it began on Sunday, Feb. 4. In response, we closed the Courthouse on Monday for a network outage. Through our staff’s efforts and those of local partners, we believed our network was restored to the point of resuming business operations on Tuesday. However, additional concerns were identified.

What happens next?

We work to restore the network. Harvey County is working with its insurance providers and cybersecurity experts to safely make that happen. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been notified of the crime.

Was Harvey County prepared to handle a cyberattack?

In many ways, we were, and still are. We have backup systems in place on our network, and we bought additional network security within the past year. Still, cybercrimes are often extremely sophisticated. This incident demonstrates that we still have work to do to secure our network.

Are Harvey County facilities open the remainder of the week?

We are, but due to the circumstances, a lot of our services will be limited to what we can do without a computer. Emergency services are always in operation. You can still call 911 or the sheriff’s office at any time, and that will not change. Our road and bridge, parks and solid waste facilities will be operational. However, services such as driver’s licenses, vehicle tags, passports and more will not be available. We will be here to answer questions – if there is a specific service you need and want to know more about its availability, give us a call from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 316-284-6800.