Harvey County Commission Chair Randy Hague signed a local disaster declaration Oct. 9 due to flooding in the county. The declaration helps the county receive additional resources if the need arises. 

The Little Arkansas River near Halstead remained in a flood warning until Saturday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

The Little Arkansas River near Halstead was previously projected to pass its record crest of 27.22 feet set May 25, 2007, but updated projections put the crest below its record. City of Halstead officials are monitoring conditions if the need comes to close floodgates around town. Near Sedgwick, the Little Arkansas River was also previously projected to be near its record crest of 26.3 feet, set July 17, 1993, but that was also amended to fall below that mark.

First responders have several plans in place if needed. Local Fire/EMS agencies have coordinated response plans to cover all areas of the county should any become inaccessible to other responders. Responders are putting caution tape on vehicles that are stranded in the water. The tape allows responders to know that vehicle has been checked and reported.  

Several roads throughout the county were affected by localized flooding. These are impacted roads as of Friday at 1 p.m. The Harvey County Sheriff's Office urges drivers not to try to drive into standing water or around barricades. It is also difficult to see flooded roadways during nighttime. Consider planning for alternative routes if you are driving.

Harvey County Emergency Management encourages everyone to plan ahead and check local resources for updates on weather and conditions this week. Consider having a preparedness kit with supplies you may need in adverse conditions, such as water, food, a flashlight, blankets and more.

Several parts of both West and East parks were closed due to flooding and river levels. Follow the Harvey County Parks Facebook page for updates on the status of each park. 

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