Harvey County finished counting votes for the November general election Tuesday, Nov. 13, with the completion of a vote canvass for provisional ballots by the election board. Election Day was Nov. 6.

The board canvassed 381 provisional ballots. Of those, 303 were counted, 72 were not counted and six were sent to the voter's correct county (four to Sedgwick, two to Reno).

The 303 counted provisional ballots come from a variety of reasons: those that moved in the county but did not re-register (104), a name change (13), an in-county move and name change (8), voters that received a mail ballot but instead voted at a poll site (165), office or poll site error (2) and those that voted at the wrong poll site (11, of which votes are partially counted).

The 72 ballots that were not counted were because the voter was not registered in the County. 

There were 13,888 ballots cast in Harvey County out of 22,371 registered voters for this election. Harvey County had a 62.08 percent turnout.

The election board is typically comprised of the three Harvey County commissioners - Randy Hague, Ron Krehbiel and George "Chip" Westfall. Westfall recused himself from this vote canvass, citing himself being a candidate in the election. He was replaced by North Newton Mayor Ron Braun.

Two races included county offices. In the First District county commission race, Westfall received 1,958 votes (45.69 percent) to win re-election. He was opposed by Dan Harms (1,217) and Greg Nickel (1,104). Emily Nichols ran unopposed to fill the remainder of the term for county treasurer, receiving 11,319 votes.

Harvey County voters helped determine two state representative seats. Stephen Owens ran unopposed for the 74th District, receiving 3,978 votes. The 72nd District was tightly contested, with incumbent Tim Hodge getting 4,496 votes in the county, compared to Steven G. Kelly's 4,287. The 72nd District also includes a precinct in Butler County.

Kansas voters elected Laura Kelly as their next governor. Kelly was the top vote-getter in Harvey County, receiving 6,450 votes.

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