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Harvey County completed its canvass for the 2019 general election Thursday, Nov. 14, certifying results from the Nov. 5 election.

The election board canvassed 95 provisional ballots.

There were 81 provisional ballots that were counted. Descriptions of the provisional ballots included 41 voters that requested a ballot mailed in advance but instead voted at a poll site, 29 voters that moved within the county but had not re-registered, 8 voters that had a name change since registering and 2 ballots that were election office/pollworker error.

There were 14 ballots not counted. Eleven of those ballots were cast by voters not registered in Harvey County, and three voters failed to provide a valid photo identification card.

Harvey County had a 29 percent voter turnout in this election, with 6,866 ballots cast out of 23,615 registered voters. 

This election featured several city and school board races, as well as a constitutional question regarding an adjustment to census bureau counts for nonresident military and students. City of Newton voters approved the sale of alcohol on Sundays. The City of Sedgwick had ballot measures for potential one-half percent sales taxes for street and park improvements - both measures passed.

The election board is comprised of county commissioners Randy Hague, Ron Krehbiel and George "Chip" Westfall.

Complete results can be found here.