Total cases in Kansas
(as of May 29)
Total cases in Harvey County
(as of May 29)
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Valuation notices have been mailed from the Harvey County Appraiser's Office.

The notices are mailed each year by March 1. The deadline to file a real property valuation appeal is March 31.

Real property is appraised at market value as of Jan. 1 of each tax year. Agricultural use land is appraised at use value.

A change in value, whether it increases or decreases, does not necessarily mean an increase or decrease in taxes. Property tax rates are established by local governments to fulfill several purposes, such as emergency services, road maintenance, health, school funding and more.

There are nine classification categories for parcels. Each property class has its own assessment percentage, set by the Kansas State Constitution.

R: Real property used for residential purposes, including apartments and condominiums (11.5%)
F: Residences on farm homesites (11.5%)
A: Land devoted to agricultural use (30%)
A: Improvements on land devoted to agricultural use (25%)
V: Vacant lots (12%)
N: Real property owned and operated by not-for-profit (12%)
C: Real property used for commercial and industrial properties (25%)
O: All other rural and urban real property (30%)
E: Tax exempt property (0%)

For individuals with questions or those that would like to schedule an appeal, please call the Appraiser's Office at 316-283-8347.