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The date for the public budget hearing on Harvey County's 2021 recommended budget was scheduled by the Harvey County Commission at its July 20 meeting. The public budget hearing is set for Aug. 11 at 9:45 a.m. at the Harvey County Courthouse, with consideration of the 2021 budget to follow. 

You can view the recommended budget here.

The maximum tax levy was established at $13,725,477, with an estimated mill of 42.625, by the Commission at its July 14 meeting. Commissioners have the authority to decrease the tax levy, but will not be able to exceed the amount previously set. 

Previous mill levies included 42.356 for 2020, 42.275 for 2019, 41.937 for 2018 and 41.358 for 2017.

There were $416,462 in fund requests for new programs, such as increases in the mental health appropriation and new positions with the Harvey County Health Department. Of those requests, 25 percent were included in the recommended budget.

Additionally, nearly $1.5 million in expenditures were eliminated or moved to outlying years to help address the shortfall in revenues projected for 2020 and 2021 fiscal years.

Capital improvement projects that remained in the recommended budget include: replacing 14-year-old election equipment for the Clerk's Office, countywide aerial photography used for mapping, updating the 20-year-old county comprehensive plan, $1.75 million in paved road improvements, and $180,000 for design work for improvements on Hesston Road.