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The results of the 2020 general election have been finalized in Harvey County after the canvassing of votes by the election board on Nov. 12.

There were 17,481 ballots cast out of 23,851 registered voters in Harvey County, for a 73.3 percent voter turnout. Complete, certified results can be found here.

The election board reviewed 392 provisional and 11 challenged ballots, of which 279 were approved to be counted.

There were 276 provisional ballots included in the certified results. Descriptions of the counted provisional ballots included 154 that were mailed an advance ballot but did not vote their mail ballot and instead voted at their poll site, 99 voters that had moved within the county but had not updated their address, 12 by technical error, and 11 voters that had a name change.

There were 116 provisional ballots that were not included in the certified results. These 116 ballots were voters that were not registered to vote in Harvey County.

There were 11 challenged ballots, 10 of which were voters that submitted an advance-by-mail ballot but did not sign their return envelope. The Harvey County Clerk's Office makes multiple attempts to contact the voter to have the voter sign the submitted ballot envelope before the election canvass. Three voters did provide and verify their signature, and their ballots were counted. Seven individuals did not correct the signature deficiency, and their ballots were not counted. Additionally, one advance-by-mail ballot was submitted by an individual that was a registered voter at the time the ballot was mailed, but was later removed from voter registration due to a felony conviction, and that ballot was not counted.

The three-person election board is generally comprised of Harvey County commissioners. However, Commissioner Randy Hague recused himself due to being a candidate on the ballot, and Commissioner Ron Krehbiel was absent. The election board was formed of Commissioner George "Chip" Westfall, Harvey County Attorney David Yoder and Harvey County Treasurer Emily Nichols.