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Officials elected to hold office for Harvey County were sworn in Monday, Jan. 11 during the Harvey County Commission meeting. Chief Judge Joe Dickinson oversaw the ceremonies.

The individuals selected to hold office were chosen in the November 2020 general election. Each office holds a four-year term.

Those sworn in to each office include:

  • Attorney: Jason Lane. This is Lane's first term as county attorney. He was appointed interim county attorney as of Jan. 1 to fill the remainder of the term of the retiring David Yoder.
  • Clerk: Rick Piepho. This is Piepho's second full term as clerk. He was appointed to fill the remainder of a partial term in 2014.
  • Commission (District Two): Randy Hague. This is Hague's third term as commissioner.
  • Commission (District Three): Don Schroeder. This is Schroeder's first term as commissioner.
  • Register of Deeds: Raquel Langley. This is Langley's first full term as register of deeds. She was appointed to fill the remainder of a partial term in 2019.
  • Sheriff: Chad Gay. This is Gay's second term as sheriff.
  • Treasurer: Emily Nichols. This is Nichols' first full term as treasurer. She was appointed, then elected, to fill the remainder of a partial term in 2018. 

Harvey County Commission District 1 is staggered from the elections of districts two and three. George "Chip" Westfall was elected to represent District 1 in 2018. His term continues through 2022.