The Harvey County Commission and Harvey County Clerk's Office held the vote canvass for the 2021 general election on Nov. 9, with the Commission unanimously voting to certify the election results.

This election included city and school board seats. Of the 24,555 registered voters, there were 5,052 ballots cast, or a 20.6 percent voter turnout. Complete election results can be found here.

The Commission, serving as the county board of canvassers, canvassed 46 provisional ballots, of which 42 were counted toward the final vote total and four were not included.

Among the counted provisional ballots, 19 were ballots cast by voters that moved residences within the county but had not updated their registration address, 10 were voters that requested a mail ballot but did not vote the mail ballot and instead voted at their polling place, six were voters that changed their name and six were technical errors. The four ballots not counted were ballots cast by voters not registered in Harvey County.

There were four challenged ballots. These four ballots were voters that voted in advance but did not provide their signature. The signature deficiency was not corrected by the voter before the vote canvass, and therefore the ballots were not counted.

One ballot was submitted by a voter that voted at the incorrect polling place. This ballot was partially counted to include their votes that matched their precinct.

Election Day for the 2021 general election was Nov. 2, with early and advance-by-mail voting available prior to Election Day. 

The three-person board of canvassers is typically comprised of the elected Harvey County commissioners.

(Nov. 9, 2021)