The Harvey County Treasurer's Office has added the iKan payment system for personal and real estate property tax transactions.

Residents can log into iKan and search for their property by their property address, parcel ID number or taxpayer ID number.

Residents can set up and manage payment plans for current and delinquent tax years, as well as payment reminders and notifications. The system also allows for multiple properties to be paid at the same time, instead of individually.

The iKan payment system is an additional way for residents to pay property taxes. Residents can continue to make payments in person at the Harvey County Courthouse, by returning the payment by mail, or by placing their transaction in the secure dropbox on the south side of the Courthouse.

The iKan platform, developed by PayIt, was first released in Kansas in 2018. It is also used for vehicle registration and driver's license renewals.

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(Updated Nov. 19, 2021)