(Published Jan. 21, 2022)

The Harvey County Commission reviewed the map of commission districts during its Jan. 11 meeting, ultimately agreeing to stick with the status quo and make no changes to its layout.

The review of the county commission districts falls in conjunction with new data from the 2020 U.S. Census and the annual organization of the board.

Harvey County utilizes a three-person commission board. District 1 includes eastern Harvey County, including Walton and parts of Newton. District 2 includes North Newton and parts of Newton. District 3 includes western Harvey County, including Burrton, Halstead, Hesston and Sedgwick. The population of each district is outlined below:

  • District 1: 11,040
  • District 2: 11,437
  • District 3: 11,547

The Commission unanimously passed the resolution to maintain the districts as they previously were.

Harvey County commission district map 2022