Harvey County remained in a comfortable financial position as it transitioned into 2022.

Harvey County's year-end financial report showed an ending fund balance of $5,794,410. That figure includes $962,478 of Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding. Removed, that leaves the County's general fund balance at $4,831,932, about on par with where it has ended each of the past four years.

The County is required to have a minimum of about $2.3 million in the general fund balance.

"It puts us in a position to be able to plan for future commitments, whether they're planned or unplanned," said Harvey County Administrator Anthony Swartzendruber.

General fund revenues totaled about $15.7 million for 2021, while expenditures were about $15.6 million.

About 55 percent of general fund expenditures were identified directly for public safety functions. Another 32 percent went toward general government services, 6 percent toward health and welfare, 5 percent toward culture and recreation and 2 percent toward community development.

The strong fund balance will aid the County as it tackles several large upcoming projects. Potential uses include capital improvement projects at the Newton City/County Airport, a needs assessment and remodel for the Harvey County Detention Center and remodeling efforts to modernize the Harvey County Courthouse. Additionally, some funding may be earmarked toward the payment for the modification of Hesston Road, a $3.6 million project set to begin in March.

The information in the 2021 year-end report included unaudited data. Minor revisions may still occur as the County's annual, routine financial audit is completed.

(Updated Feb. 25, 2022)