Mike Anderson has been named the Harvey County Emergency Management director. He began serving in the role in February.

Anderson carries with him significant experience in both planning and response as he steps into the position.

Joining the United States Coast Guard out of high school in Virginia, Anderson went on to complete 30 years of service, including as a lieutenant commander. He was tasked with an array of assignments over his Coast Guard career, including as the air operations branch director during Hurricane Harvey in Texas and as a planning section chief in the recovery from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

"We're grateful for when (things) are going right, but if they should go wrong, clearly we don't want to be caught off guard by that, and we want to have a plan of action in place to meet those needs," Anderson said.

Most recently, Anderson worked two years for the Virginia Department of Emergency Management as deputy state training officer and later incident commander and program manager for the State's Incident Management Team.

Anderson said he wants to be a resource to local emergency responders.

"I would say it falls under two banners - support and preparedness," he said. "Our job is to support our local incident commanders with whatever they may need."

Anderson's wife of nearly 28 years is a Hesston native. The couple have two children, both in their 20s.

(Updated March 2, 2022)