Shannon Kingsley has been hired as the assistant county administrator and finance director for Harvey County. Kingsley began in the role in March.

Kingsley brings a wealth of experience to the position. She briefly previously worked for Harvey County in the Planning and Zoning Department before pursuing her accounting career. Her career in financials most recently led her to Sedgwick County as its internal financial auditor for the past five years.

Among her goals, Kingsley is eager to introduce herself to employees and apply her expertise to the County's current financial policies.

"Just meeting with all the departments and looking at their procedures - probably anything finance-related would be what I focus on first," Kingsley said. "Just identify things that can reduce risk and exposure."

Kingsley is a Newton native and Newton High School graduate. She studied accounting at Wichita State University, and is a certified public accountant.

"Getting to come back here now is pretty exciting, back to my home town," Kingsley said. "I love this community tremendously."

(Updated April 6, 2022)