The Harvey County Commission gave its endorsement at its July 12 meeting to the 2023 recommended budget, moving its budgeting process forward.

The recommended budget as presented can be viewed here.

During the meeting, the Commission set the maximum tax levy at $15,080,182. Looking ahead, commissioners have the authority to decrease the tax levy from that number, but cannot exceed it.

The estimated mill for 2023 was placed at 43.629. That would be a 1.0 mill increase from 2022. Put another way, the increase would represent an approximate additional $11.50 per year in property taxes on a $100,000 home.

In comparison, county mill levies in previous years were:

  • 2023: 43.629 (estimated)
  • 2022: 42.629
  • 2021: 42.649
  • 2020: 42.356
  • 2019: 42.275

The recommended budget addresses several critical concerns for the county, including:

  • Obtaining a facility assessment to identify modernization needs inside the Harvey County Detention Center
  • Rehabbing more than 25 miles of pavement improvements (totaling $2 million) and five bridge/culvert improvements
  • Adding five staff positions, including public safety employees for 911 and the Detention Center
  • The State authorized additional staffing for the Ninth Judicial District, and in turn, funding in the budget coincides with addressing space needs of the judicial branch
  • Replacing fishing and boating docks at Harvey County West Park.

There are several steps yet to go before the County's budget is adopted. The Commission will hold a revenue neutral rate hearing and public budget hearing Aug. 23 at 10 a.m. at the Harvey County Courthouse. Consideration of adopting the budget may follow.

(Updated July 12, 2022)