RSVP was launched in the spring of 1971 under the auspice of the Administration on Aging and then in July was transferred to the federal agency, ACTION, which had oversight of federal domestic volunteer programs. Eleven projects were started in the summer of 1971.

In 1993, the Corporation for National Service came into being when the National and    Community Service Trust Act was signed. Volunteers could now serve from age 55 and could still be in the work force. RSVP is one of three existing volunteer programs for older adults to be administered by the Corporation and today is called Corporation of National & Community Service (CNCS).


CNCS provides federal grant funds of approximately 31% of the Harvey County project’s budget as submitted for the federal grant. As the sponsoring agency, Harvey County currently contributes 37% (a 30% match is required). The county also provides in-kind services such as maintenance, office space, postage, utilities, etc. and a required excess designation of approximately 5% for director grant-writing time. The Department on Aging, as supervisor, provides RSVP with in-kind office products of approximately 1%.

The Harvey Co. United Way provides partial funding for the RSVP Store-to-Door Grocery Shopping Program, by which seniors have the opportunity to remain self sufficient longer, and a mileage reimbursement for volunteers, which allows volunteers to serve without as much concern for the rising costs of transportation which might otherwise prevent some from the services they provide the community. The mission of Harvey County RSVP is to provide a variety of opportunities for persons aged 55 and over to participate more fully in the life of their communities through significant volunteer service, thus also meeting the needs of individuals and nonprofit agencies and organizations of the communities.