A station is a public agency, government agency, church, private nonprofit organization, or proprietary healthcare agency that accepts responsibility for assignment and supervision of RSVP volunteers. The station must be licensed or certified as required by the appropriate state or local government and meet handicap rules.

A station supervisor serves as a liaison to the RSVP office. His/her primary goal is to direct, support and encourage RSVP volunteers as they serve the station’s needs. The daily acknowledgment to volunteers of their valuable service is essential to RSVP"s goal of creating and strengthening a sense of self-esteem among its volunteers.


Station supervisors also ensure that the following requirements are met:
  • Develop volunteer assignments and job descriptions that impact human and social needs and regularly assess those assignments.
  • Provide volunteers with orientation to station and appropriate in-service training to enhance performance assignments. This should include providing for the safety of volunteers, supervision while on assignments, and appropriate recognition.
  • Assist with or help arrange for volunteer transportation, recognition, and meals when appropriate.
  • The preference is for stations to maintain and sign volunteer timesheets. These are to be sent to the RSVP office by the 7th of the month.
  • Every three years, from the original date, all stations will be asked to sign a new "Memorandum of Understanding" with the RSVP office for establishing working relationships and mutual responsibilities.
A volunteer station always reserves the right to make final decisions regarding the acceptance and placement of RSVP volunteers within their facility. However, the RSVP office should be kept abreast of any/all changes.

It is the sentiment and policy of Harvey County RSVP as well as nationally that no one shall be subject to discrimination because of their race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, age, or political affiliation, or on the basis of disability if the volunteer with a disability is qualified to serve. Volunteers and volunteer station supervisors shall not, on the above grounds, be:
  • Excluded/limited in their participation in RSVP 
  • Denied benefits of RSVP
  • Otherwise subjected to discrimination in their volunteer work under RSVP programs or activities.
Any volunteer or station supervisor who feels that he/she has been a victim of discrimination by RSVP staff may contact the RSVP Advisory Council chairperson, or appropriate council member. If he/she feels that appropriate action was not taken on a timely basis, the Harvey County Department on Aging Director may be contacted as a representative of the sponsoring agency.

All RSVP stations are required to adhere to the same standards of practice as representatives of the RSVP program.