When funding is available, RSVP volunteers who use their own vehicles for travel to and from a volunteer station, or to make home visits or deliveries may request mileage reimbursement. The round trip mileage total is used when figuring reimbursements. When several hundred persons request mileage, the staff cannot remember how far your mileage is so please don’t say a certain number of trips. Please give the mileage each time. The reimbursement rate will be determined by funding levels. In the past, RSVP has reimbursed at a small per-mile rate with a maximum reimbursement of $100 per quarter.

The RSVP office reimburses expenses on a quarterly basis. This means that mileage requests processed for: 

  • January, February, March must be in by April 7th;
  • April, May, June must be in by July 7th;
  • July, August, September must be in by October 7th;
  • October, November, December must be in by January 7th

Reimbursement checks are mailed late in April, July, October and January.


All registered volunteers have insurance through the RSVP with the CIGMA Company. We file any claims on your behalf. This coverage is at no cost to our volunteers, and you can check it out at www.cimaworld.com.

Excess Accident Medical Coverage – includes accidental death (why you state a beneficiary on your registration form) and dismemberment coverage. It is in excess of Medicare, Medicaid and any other insurance that you have in place, but it does not duplicate service. It will pay up to $25,000 for medical treatment, hospitalization and licensed nursing care required as the result of a covered accident. There is also some dental and eyeglasses coverage in case of injury or damage while participating in volunteer activities. The insurance applies while you are traveling directly to and from, and while you are participating in volunteer-related activities.

Excess Volunteer Liability Insurance – provides protection if you are liable for bodily injury or property damage arising out of the performance of your volunteer duties.

Excess Automobile Liability Insurance – for bodily injury or property damage claims arising out of your activities, (including driving directly between your home and your station.) It is important to remember that you must maintain your own auto liability insurance coverage at least equal to the state-required minimums. Also, this coverage does not apply to any damage to your vehicle—it is liability only.


Harvey County RSVP holds semi-annual gatherings at each town or as requested. Birthday bashes with current RSVP information and a time to welcome new volunteers are open to all members to attend.

Volunteers should feel free to discuss their volunteer service with any station supervisor or the RSVP director whenever the need arises. Volunteers are encouraged to submit any thoughts on what their volunteer service has meant to them, or special anecdotes concerning their volunteer service for publication in the quarterly newsletter or yearly report. Any submissions must be made with consideration for the standards of confidentiality which may be followed by specific volunteer sites. Such contributions are uplifting and supportive to both fellow volunteers and RSVP staff.

RSVP volunteers are encouraged to participate in any appreciation events held at their specific volunteer stations.

An annual spring appreciation banquet and program is held for all Harvey County RSVP volunteers in gratitude and appreciation for the many hours of service given. Volunteers receive a certificate with the total number of recorded hours served in the previous year. Nominations for special awards are solicited ahead for presentation at the banquet.

Volunteers are also encouraged to attend the annual fall potluck dinner and program.