The RSVP volunteer is 55 years of age or older and has a skill, talent, interest, or time to share in making a difference in the community. The volunteer can choose the type of service he/she wishes to contribute, where to serve, and how much time to give. The volunteer must be willing to serve without compensation, reside in or nearby the community served by RSVP and willing to accept instructions and supervision as required.


Upon deciding to join the RSVP volunteer team, the candidate completes a brief registration form which assists RSVP in helping the volunteer find a good placement. The volunteer also lists a "Designation of Beneficiary" for insurance purposes. The insurance is a free benefit provided to all RSVP volunteers by the program. All information obtained upon registration and throughout the volunteer"s term of service is kept in confidence by the RSVP staff. Such information cannot be released without prior consent of the volunteer.


Volunteer assignments must be made with a station that has a current "Memorandum of Understanding" on file with the RSVP office. Volunteers are free to give their time to other agencies. Most volunteer assignments involve time at a given volunteer station. Assignments are also available which may be done in the volunteer"s home (i.e. calling, sewing, mailing preparation, etc.). Assignments should serve the dual purpose of providing a high quality experience that will enrich the lives of the volunteers and meeting critical community needs. The RSVP office will make every effort to provide an assignment that suits the volunteer's personal interests, lifestyle, abilities and preferences.


A station which has requested volunteer assistance must complete a brief job description which outlines the type of work the volunteer will be doing, as well as the time commitment requested. Once a volunteer has agreed to fill this position, the volunteer can start. The station supervisor should make clear the agency's expectations of the volunteer at this time, i.e. dress code, schedule, job responsibilities, any rules of confidentiality, etc.


An RSVP volunteer may not be placed in a position normally held by a paid employee. Because we receive federal monies, RSVP volunteers may not count toward their RSVP service any time spent in the following capacities:

  1. giving religious instruction or conducting worship services or direct proselytizing,
  2. participating in voter registration, helping a candidate, or other political activities including transportation to the polls, or
  3. helping relatives.

RSVP volunteers are always free to give as much time toward these activities as they desire, but cannot do so under the auspices of the RSVP program.


It is expected that once a volunteer has accepted a specific assignment, he/she will be prompt and consistent in attendance. If a volunteer is unable to report to the station on a given day, he/she should notify the station supervisor or acquire a substitute per the station’s plan. Volunteers are encouraged to wear their RSVP name tags when appropriate.


It is important that the RSVP office receive a monthly timesheet from each volunteer for the time they have served. RSVP must report to the Corporation for National & Community Service the total volunteer hours as well as types of services offered to various benefactors and agencies twice a year. Volunteer hours at an RSVP volunteer station should be turned in to the station supervisor so the timesheet can be returned to the RSVP office by the 7th of the month. If the volunteer is receiving mileage reimbursement, this should also be turned in by the 7th. Volunteers who work in their homes, or have assignments where they do not report directly to a specific volunteer station should keep a record of their time and report to the RSVP office by the 7th of the month. Timesheets turned in by the 7th of the month will be included in the monthly drawing for a $10 gift card.


If a volunteer has resigned a position, he/she should notify the RSVP office so that the volunteer’s name is removed from the station job list. In December, each volunteer will receive a computer listing from the RSVP office records on job listings and can request current corrections.


When a volunteer wishes to have his/her name removed as an RSVP volunteer, whether temporarily or permanently, the volunteer should notify the RSVP office. Our computer records can be put on inactive status and the name will no longer print on station or personal timesheets. This will also remove the volunteer from the active newsletter list. If a volunteer has not submitted time for more than a year for a certain station or job, they will be made inactive for that station/job. If no timesheets have been submitted for a year, the volunteer will be placed in inactive status as well. A volunteer may be reactivated with as little as a phone call.