This is a list of volunteer job descriptions for Burrton, Kansas. If a volunteer job description interests you, please contact our office to discuss it further. If you currently volunteer for a position and feel the description should be updated, please contact us so that we can update the information. You deserve credit for all you do!


  • Blood Pressure Check - Take blood pressure and record it. Provide a copy of blood pressure to client for their records.
  • Board - Board membership of a non-profit organization.  Setting up events per instructions. Members are selected based on a particular area of expertise. Board meets one hour per month. Committee assignments may require additional time.
  • Burrton Housing Authority - Board chairman-make decisions for the good of the residents. Have a monthly coffee first Tuesday each month for the residents and guests.
  • Exercise Leader - Open the Senior Center and have it set up for exercise classes.
  • Fund Raisers - Fix breakfast and serve the people who come. Clean up afterwards.
  • Grounds/Maintenance - Clean center, make coffee, mow lawn, painting, and repairs.
  • Group Activities - Decide what we are going to do and set up car pool if going out for lunch.
  • Hostess - Have everything set up for regular meetings. Make coffee, ice tea etc. Clean up after meetings.
  • Library - Sweep the front and back walks. Put books back in order when children leave the library. Assist with library activities.
  • Mail Delivery - Pick up mail and deliver to person.
  • Meal Delivery - Cook and deliver to shut-ins and others in the community housing.
  • Mid-Kansas - To attend the meetings every other month. Find out what's going on at the other centers and let our members know of things they might be interested in.
  • Office Assistance - Making calendars, posters, anything that needs to be done.
  • Independent Living  Project - Volunteers participate in community outreach and companionship programs.
  • Prairie Land Foods - Take orders, call orders in, pick up food and bring to Burrton for distribution, collect money, make deposits to bank. Pick up orders in Halstead and bring to Burrton and distribute to people who ordered.
  • Quilting for fundraising - Cut, sew, put together quilts, Make raffle tickets and show the quilt where we can and sell tickets.
  • Transportation/Shopping - Take person to appointment or shopping and home.