• Homeless Shelter - Check in residents, set-up for and clean up following meals and general resident assistance. There will always be two shelter attendants on duty. Following lights out at 10 p.m., one attendant may sleep while the other remains available for resident assistance.


  • Church Misc. - This is work done on the church property: painting, cleaning up outside, some maintenance.
  • Kitchen Assistance - Mainly baking peppernuts Wednesday night. A light meal is prepared during school year.


  • Administrative Council - Gives coordination to all church committees and organizations. Calls special congregational meetings as needed. Reviews scholarship funds and their guidelines annually. Plans church offering schedule for the year. Reviews staff evaluations and contracts annually.
  • Caring Committee - Assesses and responds to special needs of individuals. Assists with counseling. Visits the sick.  The caring committee identifies and coordinates the care of needs arising in the congregation.
  • Community Playschool - The Community Playschool is a nonprofit, church-sponsored preschool dedicated to the social-emotional, intellectual and spiritual development of children 2-5 years of age. Teachers are volunteer. The Community Playschool Representative represents Grace Hill Mennonite Church as a member of the governing board of the playschool.
  • Financial Secretary - Offerings - Collects and records all church offerings as well as special offerings such as Harvest Thanks Day, relief canning, local education, care fund, scholarship fund and non-local missions. Makes out receipts for church members at the end of the year of their total giving for the year. Is a member of the administrative council. The financial secretary shall receive and deposit all funds contributed to the church.
  • Hands of Friendship - Meets monthly September through May. Plans and carries out service projects and inspirational meetings monthly. Plans women's banquet every other year in April. Hands of Friendship promote the total work of the church through an informal time of work, learning service and fellowship for all women in the church.
  • Historian - Collects, organizes and translates older manuscripts, letters and legal documents. Preserves orally related anecdotes or events of an earlier time either in writing or by use of a recording device. Records important and unusual events in the congregation, including photos and newspaper clippings. Keeps archival records of date of birth, baptism, transfer of membership, marriage, divorce and death. Refers to information provided by the historical committee of the area conference. The church historian records the history of the congregation.
  • Kansas Menn. Relief Sale - Attends the meetings of the Mennonite Relief Sale Committee. These meetings are usually held the first Thursday of the month in Nov, Jan, Feb and Mar at churches in the area. Attendance at these meetings is very important. Informs the congregation of opportunities to volunteer at the Mennonite Relief Sale. Transports donated items to the correct building at the relief sale on the Friday morning of the sale. Gives a brief summary report to the congregation after the relief sale. Recruits drivers for shuttles at the state fair. The Mennonite Relief Sale Committee plans for the annual Kansas Mennonite Relief Sale. Volunteers serve at the actual sale and/or in preparation for it.
  • Library Committee - Reviews, classifies and catalogs new acquisition and donated library materials. Conducts inventory of the library collection every two years. Maintains an attractive library environment. The library committee maintains a dynamic well-functioning library program.
  • Relief Canning - Attends a joint meeting, called by the MCC office, with area churches to arrange the canning schedule. Informs the congregation of the can

    ning schedule. Sees that the church has offerings during the year to fund the canning project. The MCC Relief Canning Committee makes plans for the annual MCC canning project. The volunteers help with the actual canning.
  • Social Council - Serves at church events. Serves at funerals and weddings when requested. Monitors kitchen use. Monitors items borrowed from the kitchen. Communicates with church secretary who schedules kitchen use. Cleans kitchen thoroughly once a year. Reports maintenance problems to the business council. Maintains a record of events. Plans social events for the congregation. The social council coordinates the social events of the church and facilitates the serving of food at church events.
  • Ushers - Open the church up to one hour prior to the events. Switch on lights. Check on heat and air-conditioning. Reserve seats for choirs. Usher people to pews. Usher at funerals as requested. Prepare the family room on funeral day. Usher for special occasions. Take attendance at Sunday morning worship service and other special services. Lock the church after events. Place flowers in the sanctuary on request. Know where fire extinguishers are and have a plan for evacuation.


  • Mail Preparations - Folding, stuffing, stamping


  • Disaster Relief/Supplies - Volunteers assist in the collection of materials for disaster relief supplies and create relief and school kits for distribution by Mennonite Central Committee.
  • Meat Canning - Volunteers participate in a meat canning event each fall. Volunteers assist paid staff in canning meat for distribution after a natural disaster.
  • Quilting/Sewing - Volunteers prepare materials and make quilts, blankets, school kit bags and baby clothing for distribution to those affected by natural disasters.
  • Talking Magazines - Volunteer reads each issue of The Mennonite aloud for audio recording.


  • Building and Grounds - Maintain grounds at a church facility by mowing, trimming, planting and caring for flowers and border plants as needed. May oversee younger volunteers or assign and direct them in their duties occasionally.


  • Administrative Assistant - Assist with the operations of the office. Be prompt and dependable as a volunteer. Remain faithful to the work schedule agreed upon.
  • Committee - Attend committee meetings for non-religious activities of the church.
  • Health Ministries - Assisting with transportation for medical appointments, preventative and health-related education, consultations, durable equipment availability and emotional support.
  • Homeless Shelter - Check in residents, set-up for and clean up following meals and general resident assistance. There will always be two shelter attendants on duty. Following lights out at 10 p.m., one attendant may sleep while the other remains available for resident assistance.
  • Service - Consists of activities which impact the church's mission of reaching out to the community and those in need. These also include non-religious activities to maintain the church like cleaning, cooking and general maintenance.


  • Administrative Assistant - Correspondence, recording of interviews and meeting minutes, attending a variety of meetings.


  • Office Assist./Adm. - Answer phone, assist customers, processes mailings, copying, data entry, assist in planning meetings and miscellaneous office duties.