Below is a list of job descriptions for volunteer opportunities in Hesston, KS. The titles correspond to the timesheet jobs of active volunteers. If you see a job that interests you, feel free to contact RSVP for more information.


  • Gift Shop - Volunteers answer phones and maintain the gift shop.
  • Receptionist - Volunteers will answer phones, greet the public and provide general office support to Arboretum Staff


  • AARP Driver Safety Assistant - Assist instructors who host sessions of driver safety course. Assist in promotion of courses available.
  • AARP Driver Safety Instructor -  Instructors help class participants update their knowledge of the rules of the road, learn about normal age-related physical changes, and how to adjust driving to allow for these changes. Instructors also identify community sites to host sessions (such as libraries or community centers). Instructors receive the necessary tools and information to help promote DSP sessions through local newspapers and flyers.
  • Board - Board membership of a non-profit organization.Members are selected based on a particular area of expertise. Board meets one hour per month. Committee assignments may require additional time.
  • Bridge Sponsor - Oversee supplies and facilities needed for bridge tournaments at the Hesston Area Senior Center.
  • Must be able to relate and respond to all elderly persons, which includes persons of other races, education levels, economic status and social backgrounds in a cordial and respectful manner. Able to work cooperatively with the site manager, other volunteers and all persons involved in the project. Must be willing to accept supervision from the site manager in agreement with the guidelines and policies of the program. Must be friendly and courteous.


  • Computer - Responsible for computer lab maintenance and educational support activities. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to  holding committee meetings as needed, providing a summary report of committee meetings and computer lab activities to the board of directors through quarterly committee chair meeting, determining need/interest and scheduling appropriate educational support activities, such as classes for the community on various computer programs, such as Basic Microsoft and Power Point; and provide a once-a-week over-all support time, maintaining the computer lab hardware and updating software as necessary,  Assisting those researching genealogy.
  • Crossing Guard - Commit to working approximately 10 days during the school year helping school children cross 2 busy intersections in Hesston from 7:30-8:10 am and 3:00-3:30 pm. Pass the equipment on to the next scheduled volunteer.
  • Exercise Leader - Lead exercise classes. Pads, mats and bands provided. Also a tread mill and several bicycles.
  • Food Distribution (Prairieland Food) - Volunteers assist in unloading food items from semi-trucks, then assembling boxes of food picked up by program participants. Volunteers also carry food packages to participant vehicles when needed. Volunteers also assist in signing up people for the next month's package, and confirming participant's qualifying for the current month's package by checking receipts.
  • Fund Raisers - Chair finance committee. Analyze financial status of HASC, prepare & present annual budget to board of directors. Write & present grants. Plan & assist with fundraisers. Prepare and present quarterly reports to HASC coordinator, board of directors, Harvey County Dept on Aging, Harvey County Senior Mill Levy Report. Oversee the sub-committee chairperson for fundraisers. Maintain HASC attendance records.
  • Group Activities - Assist in conducting group activities with clients of this agency as specifically instructed by the volunteer supervisor. Assist clients in participation in such activities in such a way that enables them to feel a part and use their full abilities to do so to the best of their ability.
  • Health Activities - Get organizations and doctors to man the booths. Prepare for the Health Fair by making signs, organizing all papers work, etc. Advertise event. Recruit workers. Kitchen details. Budget for event. Many details (check specific list)
  • Independent Living Project - Volunteers assist with the planning and work within community outreach programs.
  • Maintenance - Oversee the maintenance, repair and property/disposal; acquisition of facility. Accountable to Board of Directors.
  • Meal Delivery - Deliver meals to the homebound . A personal commitment to follow the procedure to deliver a meal and check on the well being of the client. Be at Schowalter Villa Kitchen at 11am. Get meals in coolers(hot and cold). Deliver meals to addresses on route sheet and get return trays. Return coolers and empty trays to newton medical center. Fill out the bottom of the route sheet. Report any returned meals or concerns about the client.
  • Meal Site Assistant - Assists in the serving of meals, sanitizing tables and delivers meals to tables for those who need assistance. Prepares meals to be sent out. Assists in serving congregate meals at the Hesston Senior Center.Assists in cleanup after meals, including the washing of pans and trays.
  • Meetings - Contact persons greet persons. Assign persons to be in charge of food service. Find someone to set up tables, Arrange for person to run speaker system. Collect list of programs. Request check for speaker. Give meeting information to newsletter, Hesston Record.
  • Mid-Kansas - Attend meetings of the Mid-Kansas Senior Center Association.
  • Newsletter - Assist in the mailing of the senior center newsletter.
  • Office Assistance - Answer phone, assist customers, processes mailings, copying, data entry, assist in planning meetings and miscellaneous office duties.
  • Prairie Land Foods  - Take orders, call orders in, pick up food and bring to Burrton for distribution, collect money, make deposits to bank. Pick up orders in Halstead and bring to Burrton and distribute to people who ordered.
  • Receptionist/Hostess - Greet/Assist persons coming to the center.
  • Senior Posse - Assist the Hesston Police Dept by serving the community in a professional and safe manner, in an attempt to recognize and deter criminal activity and crimes in progress. Members will assist with vacation house checks, etc.
  • Transportation/Shopping  - Take person to medical appointment or shopping and home.
  • Trip Planning  - Arranges for tours. Coordinates and oversees the collection of money, distribution of travel literature, notification of deadlines, etc.
  • Tutoring/Mentoring  - Mentor and assist student on a one-on-one basis.


  • Adm. Assistance  - Help with coordination of volunteers for the college and projects to enhance the college. Assist with mailing, filing, providing staff support to committees and special projects.
  • Buildings/Grounds - Mowing the grass of a private college. May also be asked to perform some gardening duties in flower beds. Snow removal during winter months.


  • Tutor - Read books or listen to students read in an elementary school setting. Volunteers are encouraged to talk with students about their activities and stories read. Volunteers may also be asked to provide some one on one relationship building with at-risk students. Students will utilize this opportunity to complete homework. Volunteers can become a regular check-in person that encourages students in academic achievement. Individual tutoring assignments will be provided by classroom teachers when appropriate.


  • Board - Board membership of a non-profit organization which provides food assistance to Hesston area families in need.
  • Members are selected based on a particular area of expertise. Board meets the first Wednesday of the month.
  • Food Distribution - Help sort purchased and donated food brought to the center. Restock pantry shelves. Hand out bagged grocery to center clients.
  • Independent Living Project - Volunteers assist with planning and execution of community outreach programs of the Hesston Resource Center.