Sewer Permit

Sewer Permits are required for any new construction OR modification including replacement, of a private sewer system. 
Sewer permit applications are available to print below or at the Harvey County Courthouse in the Planning and Zoning Department (located on the first floor across from Treasurer's Office). The cost is $200. All fees for permits may be paid by cash, check or credit card. A processing fee of 2.5 percent or $5 will be assessed on all credit card payments.

Each sewer permit application is first evaluated by the Environmental Officer. If more information is needed, such as a site visit or soil profile test, this will be communicated to the applicant. Applications will be approved only after assuring that the proposed construction will satisfactorily meet the requirements of the Sanitary Code and that the system will not pollute our county's surface or ground waters.

Sewer Permit Application- Click Here

Other Information & Forms

   Separation Requirements in Harvey County

   Sewer Contractor List
   Property Line Separation Waiver Form (only needed if any part of the proposed sewer system is closer than 100 feet from the next property line.)

New Construction

The following documents are K-State Research & Extension and EPA brochures that are both informational and help to outline state requirements for sewer system construction. Many requirements are similar to Harvey County Codes; however, there may be some requirements that are more stringent in the County Code. Please check with the Environmental Officer if you have any questions.

Failing Systems

Cost-share money is available in Harvey County for failing sewer systems that meet the criteria of the Harvey County Conservation District. If your system is determined to be failing and is located in the Equus Beds, near your drinking water well, close to a stream, or within 2 miles of a public water supply well, you may be eligible. Cost-share for failing sewer systems is set at 50 percent of the total cost of repair up to $1,500.  For more information, contact the Harvey County Environmental Officer.

Sewer System Maintenance

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