In the case of a PUBLIC MEDICAL DISTRIBUTION EMERGENCY, you can make the process quicker for you and your family by using the DISPENSE ASSIST App.
Download it FREE from your App store or download from http://www.dispenseassist.net/ Complete vouchers for each family member and it'll be there in your phone for us to use at the POINT OF DISTRIBUTION site (Newton High School.)

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Health Department employees coordinate emergency plans with other Harvey County government departments, city governments, area healthcare providers and other south central Kansas health departments to respond to any emergency affecting Harvey County and its citizens.

In the event of an emergency the Health Department may conduct mass dispensing of antibiotics/vaccines. 

The dispensing site for Harvey County is Newton High School, 900 W. 12th Street.

Be prepared in an emergency...not like this family! 

Cities Readiness Initiative

The Cities Readiness Initiative aids cities in the delivery of medication and medical supplies during a large-scale public health emergency.  This can only be accomplished through the combined efforts of citizens and a local health department. 

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What is the Cities Readiness Initiative?

To contact the county Preparedness/Bio Terrorism program, call the Health Department at 316-283-1637 or email  Community Services Coordinator for more information.

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