Park Rangers have the authority to revoke without refund any daily, season pass or special use permit when the Park Ranger feels that a hazardous, negligent, careless, unlawful act or a violation of the Park regulations have been committed.  Article 11, Sec. 3

Horse/Hiking Trails Permits: Please note the season pass covers up to 4 riders. The daily permits are for each person riding.

Electrical Site: Any camping that takes place within areas which have electrical services. All units within an electrical camping area must pay the electrical rate whether they are hooked up to electricity or not.

Primitive Site: Camping which takes place in any area other than those which have electrical services. Rough Camping may not take place within 100 yards of a shelter or permanent structure unless prior arrangements have been made with the Park Ranger. Rough Camping is permitted in designated areas only.

Open Shelters: Open Shelters are for first-come first-served day use only. Overnight camping may take place at an Open Shelter only if the shelter is reserved for the day before and the day after the night that it will be in use. For example, to camp at an Open Shelter on Saturday night, it must be reserved for Saturday and Sunday and the appropriate fees paid in addition to the camping fees.

Season Permits: A "Season Pass" is good for an unlimited number of days during the Season.  A "Season" will refer to the dates April 1st through November 15th.

Length of Stay Limits: No person shall establish temporary accommodations at any campsite or combination of campsite or combination of camp sites in the same area, as designated by the Supervisor, within any one park for more than fifteen consecutive days. There is no limit to the total number of days a person may spend within any one park provided that no area is used for more than fifteen consecutive days and that each area must be used for a full fifteen days before occupying another area within the same park.

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