The Harvey County Sheriff's Office has in place three full time Investigation positions. Senior Investigator Robert Guest leads the Investigation Department. Investigator Robert Guest investigates person crimes and is a member of the OSCAR Task Force. Investigator Shawn Chapman is the second member of the investigations unit and Investigator Davis is the third member of the unit. Investigator Chapman is also a member of the OSCAR Task Force, and investigates both person and property crimes.  Investigator Davis runs investigations at the Detention Center, is the PREA coordinator and is in charge of the Offender Registration Unit.   All Investigators assist each other with search warrants and major cases. Investigators can be reached at 316-284-6960. If you have information you feel could help a case these men are working on, or information of suspicious activity, please do not hesitate to call for a Sheriff Investigator.

shawn5IMG 1635
Investigator Shawn Chapman