Mission Statement

The Emergency Response Team is a lifesaving tool utilized to resolve conflicts that present an unknown or high level of risk of injury or death. The goal of all our operations is the peaceful resolution to each incident using reasonable force. We accomplish our mission through individual commitment to our team objective.

History & Formation of ERT


In 1990, local law enforcement officials saw the need to form a multi-agency team of specialty trained officers who could be tasked with the resolution of high risk missions. These missions originated from incidents which exceeded local law enforcement agencies resources. Some assignments included High Risk Warrant Service, Fugitive Retrieval, Clandestine Drug Lab Counter-Operations, Dignitary Protective Detail and Hostage Rescues. The need for these and other services facilitated the way for the formation of the Harvey County Emergency Response Team (ERT).

ERT draws its volunteer personnel from several local agencies, which included the Harvey County Sheriff’s Office, the Newton Police Department, Newton Fire/EMS, the Hesston Police Department and Harvey County Communications. ERT’s readiness is assured through intensive continued team training and use of specialized equipment, designed to meet the challenges encountered during our missions.


Some of the needed training and equipment includes:

  • Remote Transmission Optical Devices
  • Fiber Optic Covert Viewing Devices
  • Ballistic Blankets
  • Powered Air Purifying RS
  • Tactical Marksman Equipment
  • Updated Breaching Equipment
  • Continued Joint Regional Tactical Training
  • Continued Importation and Hosting of Specialized Tactical Training
  • Department of Homeland Security Approved “type” Training


SWAT Type Armored Vehicle Annual Fundraising Event

Every year, ERT hosts a Benefit Golf Tournament at Sand Creek Station in hopes of raising needed funds to provide yearly upkeep of equipment, additional training for ERT members and the ability to purchase additional equipment in a constantly changing technological society.