The Explorer Program provides education to High School students who have an interest in Law Enforcement. The Explorers meet each month and receive training from the Sheriff’s Office. They may ride with Deputy Sheriffs and take part in everyday activities of the Sheriff’s Office. Interships and On-the-job experience opportunities are available for school credit.  The Harvey County Sheriff's Office encourages those who show an interest in Law Enforcement between the ages of 14 to 20 years of age, to look into joining the Explorer program.  Meetings for the Explorer Program are held every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Meetings generally are held in the Training Room in the Basement of the Law Enforcement Center. Take a look below at our Explorers group.


Explorers in Action! Field Trip to the KBI Lab in Great Bend, KS March 17th, 2010

Explorers visit the KBI Lab in Great Bend, KS     
     Explorers learn about Latent and Ink print comparison. One technique uses skin from a corpse to compare prints & identify a body.

Explorers learn that chemical tests can be performed to test substances for confirming drug content.
They also learn that the biology department of the KBI Lab can determine weapons used in crimes depending on the kind of blood spatter and imprint patterns that were left behind at the crime scene. Also, a variety of chemicals and tools can be used to aid detection of blood not visible to the naked eye. 

Explorers examined posters that depicted what can happen when lab explosions occur. Every situation should be handled carefully because even the trained and experienced lab technicians are caught in a dangerous situation.  The photo above depicts Explorers helping to load evidence into the van to be transported back to Harvey County now that the KBI evaluation of the evidence has been completed.

1st Annual Kurt Ford Memorial Shooting Competition- April 9th, 2010

This competition marks the 5th Anniversary of the End of Watch for Deputy Kurt A. Ford who will forever be in our hearts! 

13 of the 18 Active Explorers were able to attend and help out with the event.

Chief Schroeder instructs participants of the rules, instructions, commands, and scoring of the competition.  
Left-Chief Schroeder participates in the competition with great form and technique. 



TASER Demonstration with Voluntary Exposures April 22, 2010

Chief Deputy Mark Hardtarfer presented information on the use and effectiveness of the TASER device. He also explained how the TASER device works and why it is considered a Less Than Lethal control device.

After the presentation, Explorers had an opportunity to watch previous training videos from Harvey County Law Enforcement Officers who received voluntary exposures. After the videos, Explorers were given an opportunity to eat a little cake and contemplate whether they would partake in a voluntary exposure themselves. Little did they know, the very cake they were going to enjoy was trying to intimidate them a little bit.

"Arrr you ready 2 B TAZED?"
Even though the cake was intimidating, a whopping 8 Explorers decided to partake in voluntary exposures (after turning in Parental Permission slips of course!)  For more information about the program, contact Deputy Huntley.