To the Citizens of Harvey County:

I want to introduce Debbie Hovind of the National Child Safety Council, who is working in conjunction with the Harvey County Sheriff's Office.

For the 35th year, we are again putting together a complete Child Safety, Bicycle, Alcohol & Drug Abuse program for the children and parents of Harvey County.

The program will consist of alcohol, drug and safety manuals and brochures supplied by the National Child Safety Council.

As Sheriff of Harvey County, I have been asked by parents, schools and local organizations to provide information and programs of the above mentioned areas. The National Child Safety Council provides the resources to bring those educational programs to the Citizens of Harvey County. We have asked Debbie Hovind to place special emphasis on child molestation and child abduction programs as well as the drug & alcohol abuse programs. The Harvey County Sheriff's Office endorses the Child Safety Program.

Sheriff T. Walton