The Harvey County Board of Canvassers certified the results of the 2022 general election at the vote canvass on Nov. 15, 2022.

The election concluded with 12,989 counted ballots. With 23,642 registered voters in Harvey County, that equated to a 54.9 percent voter turnout. Official Harvey County election results can be found here. Statewide results can be found here.

This election cycle included federal, state, county and township races, as well as judicial retentions, a school bond question for Newton USD 373 and two Kansas constitutional amendment questions.

The election canvassing board reviewed 159 provisional ballots and four challenged ballots, voting to approve the count of 117 of them.

Examples of reasons cited by statute for counting the 117 ballots included 63 voters that had moved within the county but had not yet updated their voter registration information, eight individuals that had a name change, six voters that voted at the wrong poll site and thus had their ballots partially counted, and 40 individuals that requested a mail ballot but did not vote the mail ballot and instead voted at a poll site.

There were 42 provisional ballots that were not allowed to be counted. Of those, 41 were individuals that were not registered to vote in Harvey County, and one voter that returned a mail ballot and voted at a poll site. 

There were four challenged ballots - ballots returned by mail without a signature. The Harvey County Clerk's Office makes multiple attempts to have these individuals correct the signature deficiency before the vote canvass, but none of these four voters remedied the deficiency. 

The election board was comprised of Harvey County Commissioners Randy Hague, Don Schroeder and George "Chip" Westfall.

During the election, there were 2,496 voters that cast their ballot early in person at the Harvey County Courthouse prior to Election Day. There were 2,386 advance-by-mail ballots sent, with 1,940 returned and counted. Election Day was Nov. 8.

Additional information about elections in Harvey County can be found here.

(Updated Nov. 15, 2022)