Welcome, and thank you for your interest in working for Harvey County.

We enjoy a safe, enthusiastic work environment with well qualified employees that establish us as an emerging leader in the state. We want you to be here, too. To submit an application for one of our open positions, please visit our job profiles on the KSGovJobs page by clicking on the position titles listed below.

For more information, please call us at (316) 284-6806, or visit the Harvey County Courthouse, 800 N. Main St. in Newton, Kansas.

Legal Office Coordinator
Attorney's Office
Full-time position. Provides administrative assistant duties to the county attorney. Supervises and coordinates the work of support staff. Establishes employee goals and conducts employee performance reviews. Coordinates budget preparation and control.

Field Appraiser/Personal Property
Appraiser's Office
Full-time position. Under the general supervision of the county appraiser, responsible for the administrative, clerical and field support of the appraisal department functions. Work involves gathering data for the purpose of property valuation, conducts field appraisal of properties, assists with research in valuation of personal property, aircraft assessments and exemptions and recording building permits.

Customer Service Representative II
Emergency Management/Communications
Full-time position. Under the direct supervision of the Communications and Emergency Management directors, this non-exempt position is responsible for administrative support of the Communications and Emergency Management departments while working on sensitive and confidential matters that serve to protect the citizenry of Harvey County.

Maintenance Worker III
Full-time position. Position works during the day and is subject to working evenings, weekends and holidays. Under general supervision of Director of Building Maintenance, position is responsible for the maintenance and care of the buildings and grounds including electrical, plumbing, cooling and heating systems. Must be able to diagnose mechanical problems and determine how to correct them. Secure the building entrances and maintain a clean and safe environment of building and grounds.

Maintenance Worker III
Road and Bridge
Under the general supervision of the Road and Bridge superintendent, this non-exempt position is responsible for the manual, semi-skilled and skilled tasks necessary to perform road and bridge maintenance, road construction, equipment maintenance and repair for Harvey County. Work involves responsibility for operating a wide variety of equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

Park Ranger/Maintenance Worker II
Part-time position. Under general supervision of the parks director, this non-exempt position is responsible for the unskilled, physical and skilled labor tasks necessary to perform maintenance, repair, construction of the parks and recreation system to include maintaining and repairing equipment necessary to complete the tasks. Enforce rules and regulations and participate in safety or rescue activities. 

Detention Deputy I
Detention Center
Full-time position. Performs duties related to the detention and incarceration of alleged criminal violators and convicted criminals. The main responsibilities of this position include processing individuals in and out of the Detention Center, maintaining order and security, and maintaining the proper care and well-being of those incarcerated.