RSVP began in mid 1982 with 24 volunteers who supported approximately 5 stations. In its 30 years, it has grown to meet the challenge of its mission through volunteer recruitment, placement, support and encouragement. The more than 400 current RSVP volunteers have a wealth of talent that includes, but is not limited to, educational background, work history, hobbies, interests, and life experiences serving over 60 local organizations. 

In the last thirty years, RSVP volunteers have given service valued at nearly $10 million to their communities. Ask any number of people whose lives they impact and you will discover that in reality their services are invaluable. No price can be put on assistance that helps an elderly person stay in the home they raised their family in, delivers supplies to disaster areas, builds or repaired homes for a needy family, the comfort, care and direction provided for patients and family members, or the lifesaving blood transfusions from the Red Cross blood drives that RSVP volunteers supported.

RSVP works to create a meaningful way for all volunteers to share their talent. Volunteer service can bring a great deal of joy and renewed sense of fulfillment into the lives of both volunteers and those they serve. Many volunteers devote a great deal of energy and effort to their work. Support and encouragement by RSVP staff and station supervisors are essential to maintain the volunteers’ sense of value to the people and agencies they serve. Acknowledgment of the value of their service to the stations enhances the volunteers’ dedication to the agencies purposes. The Harvey County governmental unit has been the sponsor of RSVP from the beginning. The Harvey County Department on Aging Director gives direct daily supervision of staff and program oversight. Consider filling out an RSVP registration form today.

The mission of Harvey County RSVP is to provide a variety of opportunities for persons aged 55 and over to participate more fully in the life of their communities through significant volunteer service, thus also meeting the needs of individuals and nonprofit agencies and organizations of the communities.



Recognizes that …
  • volunteers have a wealth of enthusiasm, talent and experience to share and that in sharing, volunteers can experience a renewed sense of worth and fulfillment;
  • the many nonprofit agencies and organizations of the county rely on volunteers in order to carry out their own services and missions.

Envisions …
  • carrying out volunteer recruitment, placement, support and encouragement of those persons 55 years of age and older;
  • being in contact with the nonprofit agencies and organizations of the county (stations);
  • helping stations and volunteers find each other and staying in touch with encouragement and interest;
  • enhancing the current program by appealing to the large generation of baby boomers in Harvey County to join the RSVP ranks.