The mission of the Harvey County Detention Center is to detain both pretrial and sentenced inmates from Harvey County, Kansas and its cities, and to enhance the public safety of its citizens. The facility is operated under the supervision of the Harvey County Sheriff, who shall manage the facility in accordance with the best interests of the county.


The primary purpose of the facility is to provide a safe and secure environment for the incarceration of persons lawfully admitted to the facility by local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies of competent jurisdiction, and as otherwise required by law. The facility may also accept, at the Sheriff's discretion, pretrial and sentenced offenders from other cities or counties, the state of Kansas, or the federal government.

In 2015, the Detention Center began Prison Rape Elimination Act compliance efforts and completed a certified audit. If you wish to file a report on an Inmate's behalf, Harvey County Sheriff's Office accepts third party reports. You may contact the Sheriff's Office at 316-284-6960 and request to speak with the PREA Coordinator.  

PREA Policy
2016 Harvey County PREA Audit Report
2016 PREA Annual Report


What To Do

Inquire the suspect's charges and bond amount from the Harvey County Detention Center Staff. You may reach them by calling 316-284-6959.

Determine if you wish to pay a cash bond or utilize the services of an authorized bonding agent. If you choose to utilize a bonding agent, the 9th Judicial District must approve him or her.

The 9th Judicial District of Kansas has approved the following bonding agents:


Inmates at the Detention Center can receive authorized visits from pastors, attorneys, and family members. Prior to signing in for visitation, all visitors must place all purses and other metal objects into lockers (these unlock with a quarter which is given back when you leave) and then pass through a metal detector to ensure the safety of the individuals. Each population area of the Detention Center has specificed times and days for visitation. Please inquire about visitation times for a specified inmate by calling the Detention Center staff at 316-284-6959. Please note that the Detention Center Staff retains the right to refuse visitation for a variety of reasons. Ex: Dress attire of person visiting the inmate, potential conflict between inmate and visitor, discipline of an inmate, etc.)

Fingerprint Fees

If you are needing to be fingerprinted at the Harvey County Detention Center, the following fees apply:

  • $15.00 for up to 3 fingerprint cards, up to three cards per person. Payment is to be made to the Detention Center.
  • $32.50 for total application to the Sheriff's Office for Carry Conceal which includes the print cards for the application.
  • Payment is to be made to the Sheriff's Office. Cash WILL NOT be accepted for Carry Conceal application fees. Please pay these fees with a Cashier's Check, Money Order, or a Personal Check as is stated on the application.
  • Please note that the Detention Center staff DOES NOT have a cash box available to make change. Please bring correct change with you.