2017 Agenda                                           2017 Minutes
6-14-17 Agenda

2016 Agenda                                                 2016 Minutes                                                             
2-10-16 Agenda                                             2-10-16 Minutes
4-13-16 Agenda                                             4-13-16 MInutes
6-8-16 Agenda                                               6-8-16 Minutes
8-31-16 Agenda                                             8-31-16 Minutes
10-12-16 Agenda                                          10-12-16 Minutes
12-14-16 Agenda                                          12-14-16 Minutes

  • Time: 9 a.m.
  • Location: Law Enforcement Center, EOC/Training Room (Basement), 120 E. 7th Newton, KS

2015 LEPC Agenda                                        2015 LEPC Minutes
2-11-15 LEPC Agenda                                    2-11-15 LEPC Minutes
4-15-15 LEPC Agenda                                    4-15-15 LEPC Minutes
6-10-15 LEPC Agenda                                    6-10-15 LEPC Minutes
8-12-15 LEPC Agenda                                    8-12-15 LEPC Minutes
10-14-15 LEPC Agenda                                 10-14-15 LEPC Minutes
12-9-15 LEPC Agenda                                   12-9-15 LEPC Minutes


Section 324 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act, also known as SARA Title III (Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986, PL99-499) requires public notice at least once annually informing the public of the means to access information about extremely hazardous substances that are manufactured, stored, and used within their community.  Follow-up emergency notices may subsequently be issued.

Accordingly, information concerning LEPC meetings, SARA Title III hazardous materials planning which is included in our Harvey County Emergency Operations Response Plan, materials safety data sheets (MSDS), hazardous chemical inventory forms, listing extremely hazardous substances manufactured, stored, or used within Harvey County can be obtained during normal business hours by contacting Harvey County Emergency Management at 316-284-6910.